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WOW is all I can say to this! An amazing show of support to Barack Obama by too many celebs to name. Plus we get to see Miss Zoe Kravitz show off the talents her daddy (Lenny Kravitz) passed on to her. This is yet the second support video dedicated to Obama thus far. The […]

Never mind the baby’s name or gender. These days, the real question surrounding A-list births is which tabloid will get the pictures first. It’s an industry. Celebrity weeklies, forced to compete with a swarm of entertainment shows and tabloid-style blogs, all chronicling the minutia of celebrity life, have gone into a frenzy for exclusives. The […]

Oprah Winfrey: $260 million Tiger Woods $115 million Steven Spielberg $110 Dr. Phil McGraw $90 million Giselle Bundchen $33 million 50 Cent $33 million Miley Cyrus $18.2 million Mary-Kate Olsen $17 million Ryan Seacrest: $12 million Trouble (Leona Helmsley’s dog): $12 million Eli Manning: $11.5 million Katherine Heigl: $11 million Jeff Foxworthy: $10 million Jessica […]