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I don’t have to say much by Miss Dash is definitely doing her thing this month. This May 08′ cover is a part of the Holywood Issue from Smooth Magazine . Vivica A. Fox is also cover this issue, and inside you can fins Lisa Raye who is also doing her thing despite all her […]

Lisa Raye, 40, covers Smooth Magazine for their Hollywood issue. She looks pretty good and kudos to Smooth for keeping the airbrushing to the minimum. Stacey Dash, and Vivica Fox are also in the issue.

Amazing, who knew 42 years + 2 children looked so good! Bronx born actress Stacy Dash is on the June cover of King Magazine under the heading “The only comeback we’ll cosign.” She’s back and looking better than ever. If you don’t remember, most know her from the 1995 film Clueless where she played a […]