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The Ex Wife of rapper, actor Mos Def Alana Wyatt, 29 has penned a tell all book about her whirlwind marriage to Mos, who she married last year. Description of the book as per where you can also purchase the book. Breaking the Code of Silence chronicles the intense relationship and whirlwind marriage between […]

SleeveFace: one or more persons obscuring oraugmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s)causing an illusion Couldn’t find the origin of the trend but it has become popular through social networking websites like facebook. A collection of photographs was posted online at, a website devoted to unusual old records in early […]

**note: you must register (it’s free). When downloaded from SpiralFrog,the video will play on multiple formats, including PCs and Macs. SpiralFrog the free and legal, ad-supported web-based music service, announced that it was selected by the non-profit, Keep a Child Alive, to be the exclusive download partner for “Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland,” […]

This concept was super creative and also gave the model, signer, producer, whoever the chance to be creative as well. Art at it’s finest, I love it!