Sony XEL-1


The Sony XEL-1 is the first television that uses a new panel technology called OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), which offers stunning picture quality in stores.

$2,500 for this small screen, which is half the size of some computer displays (11-inch).  This little 11-incher costs more than many of our top-rated big-screen plasma and LCD sets. All things considered, if Sony’s new OLED TV is any example of what this new technology can deliver!

Link to the consumer reports video impression: here.

What makes OLED so special?

Incredible 3mm thinness.

OLED emits light and does not require a backlight-realizing a new TV form of approximately 3mm at its thinnest point.

Low power consumption.

The OLED display consumes less electricity compared to conventional displays because OLED’s light-emitting structure does not require a separate light source and can be powered using very low voltages.

xquisite shades of black.

An unparalleled 1,000,000 : 1 contrast ratio. OLED’s light-emitting structure prevents light emission when reproducing shades of black: OLED technology reproduces very deep blacks and can control all the phases of light emission, expressing colors and subtleties that conventional displays cannot match.

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