Bill Cosby to Release Rap Album


Cosby Narratives Vol.1 is set to come out next month. With much anticipation the now 70 year old has put together an with a hip hop, pop and jazz

His album is “the opposite of what I think is the profanity for no particular reason, the misogyny for no particular reason,” he told the Associated Press.

Don’t look for spinning rims and dancing hos, smoking blunts, or guns in their glory on this album. So what’s left to rap about you ask? “The value of an education. The value of respecting one’s self and … giving (listeners) a chance to raise their self-esteem and confidence,” he said.

Cosby made the album as a companion to his 2007 best-selling book, “Come on, People: On the Path from Victims to Victors.” And though he doesn’t expect the CD to be a huge hit, it won’t be his last hip-hop venture.

The album was put together by Cosby’s musical collaborator Bill “Spaceman” Patterson, and there are plenty of guest rappers. Guess who?!

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