Say this isn’t so. I thought this fad went out with Sisqo.

2 Responses to “Ummmm”

  1. 1 Pjohns

    What in the world………………I’ve heard of trying to reinvent yourself but this is rediculous. Hopefully this is for some role as a superhero like “Goldman” or somehting or even an Atl hair show. I must say that R. Kelly is a talented individual because he had alot of folks hangin on with his Outta the closet but this …….. hmmm, more than interesting.

  2. 2 dmillz80

    I must agree. His hair is not only dyed gold so is his scalp. He has a gold TAPE line. Some people believe that any thing that they do is hot. I’m not hating in the least bit but some things are just extreme and his style isn’t extreme. If this was Dennis Rodman the case would be completely different because thats his personality. If this look wasn’t created for a movie or something to enhance his career, I would say he is going through a personality crisis.
    First he went from being the smooth R&B singer of the 90’s to the thug R&B singer of 2000 to Gospel artist in a small fashion and now MR. Gold Fingaz.
    LOL. This is too funny.

    MR. Black

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