SleeveFacing: A Growing Trend


sleeveface intro

SleeveFace: one or more persons obscuring oraugmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s)causing an illusion

Couldn’t find the origin of the trend but it has become popular through social networking websites like facebook.

A collection of photographs was posted online at, a website devoted to unusual old records in early 2006, but a 2008 BBC article claims the idea was created by a group of people in Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff’s Carl Morris is compiling a book on the subject. I thought it was pretty cool actually and there are sooooo many people getting in on it. One search in Google and I had a ton load. Take a look for yourself.

Any of you ReddSessions readers been sleevefacing? If so leave your best in the comment area!

Do you have a world class Sleeveface picture? Do you have a heartwarming story or testimonial about Sleeveface? Has Sleeveface improved your relationships? Are you Phil Collins? If the answer is ‘yes absolutely’ you can email

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