Da Brat Goes Punk


This is definitely something new for Da Brat, we’re used to seeing her in braids, beads, and barrettes.A razor cut asymmetric do. Rockin’ a long sleeved Ed Hardy Tee, leather jacket, dark black jeans, and sneakers. Are y’all feeling this? Brat certainly looks happy.

2 Responses to “Da Brat Goes Punk”

  1. hey what up brat what it do ill always love yourstyle cause its like that your song says i want to be your youngin i think thats tight that you change it up to the rock style keep doing your thing and holla at your phalasophar at myspace.com/phalasophar

  2. my bad i meant to say that i want to be your youngin cause im sprung on you like that tpain song brat holla at your boy phalasophar thats what i meant to say you is so sexy and i like how you be thugging thats real sexy cause you can hold your own i want to be your thug like from that song you had thats what im looking for you what im looking for im 22 holla at me if your looking for a younger man

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