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I was dropping my niece off to her friends house yesterday and on the way back home and between Jayden screaming in the back seat and the crazy afternoon traffic I was going station after station to find something good to listen to. I wasn’t in the mood for any club bangers or any other […]

Recently I went into Marciano to look for a dress to wear for my birthday celebration. Since I’m always shopping there I decided to join their rewards membership, M Loyalty. Every time I spend $200 (which happens to be every time I spend there)I receive $15 back towards my next purchase. The bucks can accumulate […]

Being the humanitarian I am *cheese* it wouldn’t be right of me if I didn’t advise you all that Earth Day (April 22nd) is coming up. So in celebration I’m going to give a few tips that not only can keep our earth healthier but can also keep more money in your pocket. These tips […]