Barak Obama’s like Jeffery Dahmer


This video clip is from an episode of ABC’s The View. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is seen here giving an interesting analogy comparing presidential candidate Barack Obamas situation with his former paster and serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. It’s no doubt that she should have thought a little deeper here before opening her mouth, but we all know that this wouldn’t be the first time she’s probably wished she would have bit her tongue.

If any of this debate stirs you up you must watch the second half (link provided) because it only gets better from here. Whoppi makes such good points here I don’t even know why Hasselbeck chose to continue to argue. I couldn’t help but laugh at her more than nieve comments and think to myself just how many people were sitting at home backing her up and agreeing with every word she said. Sad.

Part II

When Hasselbeck proceeded to explain why she was offended by Obama refering to his grandmother as a “typical white woman” Whoppi said…

You can’t tell me that if you were walking down the street and saw 6 black boys on the corner that you wouldn’t sweat?!

Of course Hasselbeck denied ever getting nervous or even having a “reaction” when around, approached, or anything with black people.

I thought to myself for a minute hell, I sweat when that happens and I’m black myself. How real is that!?

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