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Spring is In!


This video clip is from an episode of ABC’s The View. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is seen here giving an interesting analogy comparing presidential candidate Barack Obamas situation with his former paster and serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. It’s no doubt that she should have thought a little deeper here before opening her mouth, but we all know […]

March 20th marks the launch of fashion company Heatherette’s collaboration collection with MAC Cosmetics. This is the second time Richie Rich has worked with MAC. “24-Hour Party People know what time it is when N.Y.’s counter-culture couturiers create a paint by numbers world of drama with two glittering looks. Choose from Good Girl for day, […]

I thought to start off my first post with all this introductory nonsense and tell you all about myself, blah blah blah. I choose against that for a few reasons; number one being that everyone does it. I want everyone to come back because I do what everyone doesn’t. Anywho I go by the name […]